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  • Mechanical properties testing

    Mechanical properties testing stand is provided with ToniTechnik hydraulic press and set of extensometers. These devices can be used to determine the following properties:

    Maszyna Tonitechnik

    ToniTechnik testing machine

    1. Compression strength for loads ranging to 3000 kN
    2. Bending strength for loads ranging to20 kN
    3. Yield point
    4. Young`s modulus
    5. Parameters describing properties of brittle materials

    Capacity of a press (3000 kN) gives a possibility to test HPC concrete. Dimensions of specimens can be standard ones 150x150x150mm but the maximal distance between the pressure plates enables to test the specimens which are 300mm high and to lengthen the measurement base of extensometers to increase the precision if it is required.

    Rama 3000 kN Rama do zginania