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  • Heat and moisture flows studies

    The equipment in our laboratory lets to make the following measurements:

  • Measurements related to the moisture flows in material:

    1. Water vapour diffusion coefficient for building ceramics, gypsum, concrete, wood.
    2. Sorptive humidity in typical building materials.
    3. Humidity distribution in walls and another elements of building constructions.
    4. Absorptivity of building materials.
    5. Velocity of drying for materials.
    6. Measurements of ion flows in lag of concrete reinforcement.

  • Measurements related to thermal diagnostic of building partitions:

    1. Momentary value of heat flow.
    2. Thermal resistance.
    3. Heat conductivity coefficient.
    4. Heat transmission coefficient k.

Komora Klimatyczna

  • FEUTRON climatic chamber of high quality enable to simulate an influence of the surroundings on the typical building materials. It can create stable humidity and thermal conditions for temperatures ranging from -40 to +100 °C