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  • Equipment

    The most important devices in our laboratory are:

  • arrow Tonitechnik testing machine (measurements of compression strength, bending strength, Young`s modulus, yield point).

  • arrow FEUTRON climatic chamber (influence of the surroundings on materials simulation).

  • arrow HFM - 3 heat flux meter (diagnostic of heat insulating power for building partitions).

  • arrow Raynger pyrometer with laser target positioner (distant-reading measurements of temperature of surface)

  • arrow SRH -77 and ITE hytherographs (measurements of relative humidity in air and in materials).

  • arrow MYTRON climatic chamber.

  • arrow KFAP temperature and humidity meters.

  • arrow ALMENO 10-channel digital recorder with humidity probe.

  • arrow MTA-10B humidity meter (measurements of relative humidity of concrete walls and floors).

  • arrow Mettler-Toledo PM-1200 and Radwag WPS 720C precise scales.

  • arrow PZO microscope with a possibility of microphotography.

  • arrow Zeiss microscope with a possibility of microphotography.

  • arrow SUP4 drying cabinet.