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       Works in our laboratory are oriented on the capillary-porous materials testing. Researches are conducted in two basic directions:

    1. Mechanical properties testing (compression strength, bending strength, modulus of elasticity, yield point, creep).
    2. Heat-moisture flows studies including problems related to the phase changes and ions flows.

       The characteristic feature of these works is an application of the inverse problems of heat- moisture flows and mechanics. More precise and effective method for the estimation of the materials properties is obtained thanks to such an approach. This way of studies is especially worth proposing to the composites testing and heat-moisture flows studies in the system of layers which occur among other things at modernisation and repair of buildings. Thanks to the formulations of inverse problems and the computer procedures it is possible to obtain in our laboratory more precise results applying simple measuring devices than in the case of the traditional way of studies. All the measuring positions are integrated with computers what allows in a simple way to work out the results.